How Good Sports Equipment helps Increase Muscle Strength

Muscle Strength Equipment

The American Council on Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association recommends that you should take up strength training exercises at least twice every week. Most importantly, studies have proved that strength exercises are safe for all, regardless of age or gender. Combine this with aerobic exercises and you will surely be in the pink of health at all times.

Strength training is especially critical for those approaching old age as it helps slow down degeneration of bones and muscles. It also facilitates weight control, gives relief from arthritis, improves cardio vascular health and fights depression. Since there is an increase in fitness levels, your body will be optimally balanced and will not be prone to falls and injuries.

However, the key to maximising training schedules to increase muscle strength is using quality and top grade sports equipment. It should include free weights, machines and other similar types of workout aids. There should be equipment that helps exercise all major muscle groups of the arms, legs, stomach and back. These are the “core muscles” which adds stability to the rest of the body. The ACSM recommends 8 to 10 types of strength training exercises with 8 to 10 repeats each at least twice a week.

The equipment that you will need for strength training depends on your body type and your specific needs and preferences. Overall, the ones given here will be a part of what you need to optimise training requirements.

  • Free weights – These include barbells which are long bars with weights attached to the ends and dumbbells which are small hand-held weights. You can get a cheap weight plate of your choice from any good sports shop or even from an online store. However, these free weights should be used under strict supervision of trainers.
  • Machines – Strength training machines are designed for various workouts of core muscles. These are expensive and not portable. At a gym you have to move from machine to machine to complete your total workout regimen.
  • Exercise bands – These are big elastic bands with various levels of tension. When muscles groups work against the resistance of the bands, there is an increase in endurance and muscle strength. With increasing muscle strength you can move on to stronger sets of resistance bands.

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